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Knitwear Manufacturing


T-Shirts, Tank-Top, Strap Tops, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Athletic wear, Sleeping suit, Dresses, Tunics, Tops, Leggings etc.

Production Lead-time

45-60 days by use of local fabric. And, 90-120 days by use of import fabrics.

Yarn Quality & Composition

100% Cotton, 100% cotton Melange, 50% Cotton/50% Modal, 50% Cotton/50% Polyester, 98% Cotton/2% Lycra, 100% Rayon. 98% Rayon/2%Lycra, 100% polyester are locally available fabrics.

Fabrication Details

Single Jersey Knit. Pique Knit. Interlock Knit. Microfiber Wicking Technology Moisture Breathable UPF Knit. Rib Knit. Terry Knit, Fleece Knit. Jacquard Knit. Yarn dyed stripe Knit. Feeder stripe Knit. Engineered Stripe Knit etc.

Knitwear Factories

Most of the knitwear manufacturing factory of Bangladesh are composite. Those are equipped with top-of-the-line machinery by Terrot of Germany and LKM of Taiwan.

Spinning Mills

State-of-the-art yarn spinning mills are serving according to buyers requirements.