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Ladybird Bangladesh Export Ready-Made Garments Since 2001



Our main production line is Sweater. Flat & Jacquard knit. 3gg to 14gg. Pullover, Cardigan, Poncho. Uses Cotton, Acrylic, Rayon & Eco-friendly yarns.



Our composite knitwear factories produce quality garment includes T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank-Top, Hoodie, Leggings in diversified quality of fabric.



Our Woven factories uses locally produced Sheeting, Poplin, Twill, Denim fabrics in production of Crinkle Dresses, Shirts & Pants.

Our Motto

Our motto is to supply high-quality ready-made garments from Bangladesh to many International market within the EEC, US & Canada. Since, our company Ladybird Bangladesh engaged in Sweater Manufacturing, Knitwear Manufacturing & Woven Garments Manufacturing.

We source good garments factories for our buyers. As well, we source for the combination of the best price and the good quality. Long time, we are in the business. We know by now which factories are performing good in the market.

We do not continue with those garments factories which do not work commitment wise.

We take care and very much alert to place an production order to a new factory. We do not want trouble for our buyers. So, we go though our factory selection process according to our company Policy Terms and Order management.

Since our company establishment, we developed long term trade relationship with many potential buyers & earned trust in their respective markets. We want to keep our reputation intact.

We believe, truly powerful & enduring alliances can only be guaranteed by delivering total customer satisfaction in the related service process.

Our Qualification

As a Garments Buying House in Bangladesh, we have built our qualification before start the business. We are ready to serve buyers with our highest professionalism. We treat an order same way as the buyer treat. Buyers are our hope, our asset & our lifeblood.

We love error free goods, so we take extra care during production. It is good to check production random basis rather than correcting them again and again, which may cause time wasting. Whereas every day is super important in this business. We do not want to get penalty for supply of inferior quality goods and late shipment.

The work force of our company consists of highly experienced Q.C's (quality controller's). They have necessary knowledge on specific garments. Their duties to secure production quality in factories. includes in-line production follow-up and inspection goods before shipment.

We have the necessary qualification to be trusted buying agents in Bangladesh. We build trust base business relation with buyers. We prefer longtime business relation than earning much from one order.

Our buyers are safe from any kind of misdeal after placement an production order. We have necessary qualification of trouble shooting and solve issues. If any issue arise, we meet with higher authorities like BGMEA and Bangladesh central bank and seek a good solution to protect our buyers.

The buyer has the choice, we aim is to full fill their requirements with best ability. We know, this can possible focusing on the buyer business & protecting their interests.

We will go the extra mile & come up with an extra idea, modification (if buyers prefer) to demonstrate for making a difference in both fashion & cost.

Our Success

Our success story written by skilled and qualified workers, who built the garments business of Bangladesh. We are follower and putting our best efforts for expanding the business worldwide.

Bangladesh is an important source for ready-made garments. Keeping pace with the changing world the garments industries in Bangladesh are becoming more & more dynamic.

Bangladesh garments globally popular for its reputation with locally produced fabrics & labor cost.

Buyers can enjoy further cost reduction when ordering ready-made garments made from locally produced fabric & yarn- entitle for G.S.P form-A (Generalized System of Preference, Certificate of origin), discount applicable for EEC countries.

We develop new buyers, new collection including sales samples, do everything in production till shipment. We would like to hear when our buyers appreciate us. It is our success, no secret story behind all these.

We have gathered many corresponding answers on the page Frequently Asked Qualification, which may help to know about our business and ways of works.



We make many samples at developing and production stage. We apply 'Critical Path of Sample Development' format to make the work operative.



We implicate 'Time & Action Plan' to chase Fabric & Accessories supplier and the garments factory for error free production and in-time delivery.



We follow the AQL method to control quality. Our QC's check Fabric & Accessories and follow production orderly from Cutting & sewing to pack.