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Let us allow to describe some corresponding Questions & Answers.

Sample, Price, Payment

QUS- 01> Why are you not supplying initial garment samples without approving the proposal in principle?

ANS> We can submit samples once we could determine that a Client is serious and deserves it. From our past experiences, we have framed out a special sampling policy for this and found all serious and active Clients are approving it. All our regular and active Clients are happy with our sampling supports.

QUS- 02> Others are providing us enough samples. Why not you?

ANS> We serve serious Clients in a better way.

QUS- 03> Is your prices high?

ANS> Our prices are not high. Please evaluate the quality with price offered. We can also supply in same price (even low) as you purchased, however quality will also be same of that.

QUS- 04> We want the products against DA or DP or 60 days L/c or Deferred Payment or LDP or TT against acceptance of goods etc. Could you offer?

ANS> Sorry. Not at all. Our policy term is strictly 'Irrevocable L/c at Sight' or TT in advance with balance against document's through bank for all new Clients. Regular Client may be considered accordingly.

QUS- 05> What are your acceptable INCOTERMS (International Commercial Terms)?

ANS> FOB or C&F.

Inspection, Delivery, Claim

QUS- 06> Why you are not allowing final inspection across our table in our Country?

ANS> There is nothing adverse in it. If some mistakes (major or minor) found in the final inspection at Client's place and they refuses the goods, simply we can take return of the goods due to Import duty and freight. More over, majority mistakes can be easily rectified in our factory with out much time and money involvement. This is not at all possible if the goods inspected finally at the destination. Only this risk factor is the main problem for not allowing final inspection at destination. After all, products are man made and we should provide a margin for all kinds of unexpected happenings.

QUS- 07> Will you guarantee the products and up to what period?

ANS> Yes. All AQL 1.5 to 2.5 grades are guaranteed for Seven months from the the date of shipment of the products. This guarantee is only applicable to 'Fresh order' Garments products.

QUS- 08> How can we make a claim, if needed ? When we will get claim amount?

ANS> You can make a claim through our AIOA or directly to us. You will get approved claim amount adjusted in the next order bills.

QUS- 09> If we are not placing order further with you?

ANS> Then, if the approved claim is below 15% of FOB value, you will get claim amount within a month via TT. If the amount is higher, RBI approval is needed and TT can expect within 45 to 60 days. If the goods are not exported from Bangladesh, this 15% ceiling limit is depend on that Govt. foreign exchange policies.

QUS- 10> How can we believe the credibility of the supplier/vendor?

ANS> You are welcome to assess the credibility of the supplier/vendor through any International Credibility Assessment Agency at your cost, prior to placing a confirmed order.

QUS- 11> We want products immediately. Could you arrange the same?

ANS> Up to certain extent. As there is minimum required time needed for each processes, there will be a limit for fast dispatch. Please bear with us.

Quality, Production, Payment

QUS- 12> How can we believe your quality?

ANS> We will provide SGS or other compatible lab reports for all quality tests conducted. Moreover, you can appoint own Quality Inspector (s) for quality assurances, at your cost.

QUS- 13> Whom should we contact for order negotiations?

ANS> With our AIOA in your Country / Service area. If AIOA is not available in your Country, please make direct negotiations with us.

QUS- 14> Will you extend continued marketing services to us?

ANS> 100% sure, you can expect our excellent services continuously and after sales services too.

For more queries to be answered, please contact us without hesitation.

We have came to know above Frequently Asked Questions and corresponding Answers from our several years experience. Hope this will enable our valuable Client to rectify their doubts at least in a minimal level.