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Order Management

Ladybird Bangladesh Handle Every Order With Highest Professionalism

price quotation


We quote cheap price confirming good quality. Many competitors in the market, we are aware. Our policy is to offer cheap price to our buyers and get more order.



Sales promotion is the essence in the business. We prepare collection based on actual Style, Yarn / Fabric and color. Samples brings order, we are ahead.



We wait few days after sales promotion and love to see when new orders come for the production. We deal both small and big quantity of production order.


We offer reasonable price to our buyers. We know CM (Cutting & Making) cost according to factory standard. We know Fabric, Yarn & Accessories price and keep update our records.

We calculate a garment price by our-self, then we check with factories. We make price comparison table and find out reasons of varies factory to factory. However, we do not let them a chance to quote us unrealistic price.

Once our buyers accept prices, we make 'Prototype' samples with actual materials, measurement and technical details.

We make 'Sales' samples based on the buyer comments on 'Prototype' samples within time schedule. We avoid those factories which have rush with production that may cause delay of making 'Sales' samples. By now, our associated factories used to work with our ways.

Sometime, we use 'sample' making house paying extra charge to get samples very fast. We know, if we can provide in-time many samples to our buyers, then there is a good chance to get more orders.

We get production orders on 'Sales' samples after few weeks or couple of months. We place the production order to the factory which made samples for our buyers.


Factories make pre-production (PP) samples with highest care. We use actual fabric or Yarn for those samples.

Once the buyer is convinced and approved the Pre-production samples, we will re-start bulk production and bulk in-house production with the permission of the Buyer.

On-line production (OLP) samples will be sent to buyers for their physical examination & comments.

We will send buyers fabrics & accessories quality via courier for approval. Also, necessary images will be e-mailed to the buyers for their knowledge & comment.

Without written consent of the buyer, we will not make any changes in the general specifications & patterns of the products manufacturing. However, we inform buyers if we see any changes or modification would be better. Finally, buyers are right.

Production status reports will be e-mailed for buyers verification and further direction, weekly twice. Even if buyers want everyday, we will send.

Shipment samples will be forwarded to buyers. This should be treated as token products to the shipment of the order.

Post Production

Some Buyers prefer to appoint their own person for inspections. In this matter, option goes to the buyer. Anyway, all our Inspection services will be free of cost to the buyer as we are organizing total order.

Final Inspection shall be based on AOL (Acceptable Quality Level) standards opted by the buyer. Required AQL standard should be finalized prior to placing an Order.

Shipment will be provided as per schedules & committed at the time of confirming an order.

Export bills should be honored within 7 days on receipt at buyer's LC opening bank.

All our business will be based on ethical viewpoints. We need long lasting business relations with buyers, which should be mutually profitable.



We know, buyers can change anything whilst bulk production start. We do not go for production without buyers written approval / comment on Fit & PP samples.



Buyers can appoint 3rd party inspector at their cost. We do final inspection of goods before shipment at free of cost and send the report to buyers for decision.



We manage 'Critical Path of production' format and make sure shipment will effect in due date. We handover goods to buyers nominated shipping agent.