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Policy Terms

Buyers are invited to go through following policy terms with Ladybird Bangladesh.



Goods will not export without buyers written permission on our Inspection report. If any claim arise, we will resolve immediately reasonable way.



Best price sourcing, develop samples, get all approvals from buyers and send them production report, In-line Quality Control and Inspection.



Our Banks accept payment of At sight L/C and T/T. L/C must be 100% transferable. Other terms & condition according to ICC latest publications.

Export Terms

Export terms are Irrevocable Letter of Credit at Sight. FOB or C8.F. Also, we accept T/T payment.

Buyers are free to appoint their own inspectors at their own cost to inspect the goods before shipment.

Ladybird Bangladesh QC's (Quality Controller's) will inspect goods before shipment at free of cost.

Inspection report will be e-mailed to the buyer. Shipment will only be made once get approval from the buyer.

Physical samples will be forwarded for buyer's examination. For new client, we send development samples courier collect basis.

Buyer's pay for sales samples by T/T.


Make styling or development samples with local yarn or fabric within 7 days and sales samples within 14 days.

We quote Prices to buyers within 24 hour.

We develop Lab-dips within 7 days.

We make fit samples & size set samples & PPS samples within 3 days.

We send production report weekly or when the buyer ask. Also update daily production report in our website.

We e-mail our buyers & publish on our website QC in-line report & final inspection report next day of inspection.

Payment & Documentation

At sight LC. Irrevocable and Transferable. Trans-shipment allowed.

BL Clause to be full set clean on board original BL issued into the order of negotiating bank and endorsed by the same bank in favor of LC opening bank.

Documents must be presented within 21 days from the BL issuing date.

LC must be subject to latest ICC publication.

All the above described terms are part of export procedures that Ladybird Bangladesh follow.



We manage production report everyday. It's enable us to understand where the order stand. We take necessary action to expedite production.



Our QC's follow in-line production to control quality as per AQL method. They submit report everyday. Thus, we know if quality achieving required standard.



Since, our QC's check quality in bulk production. So, final inspection is a formality. If quality control done in correct way then production must be error free.