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Ladies Cable Shawl Collar Button Cardigan
Men Reverse Shawl Collar Button Cardigan
Ladies Cable High Neck Zip Cardigan

Sweater Manufacturing

Flat Knit

Hand-drive 'Flat Knit Machine' still doing better production. Though the production is slothful compare to automatic Jacquard knit machine performance but quality come-up good in hand-drive knitting. (Flat Knit Factory Setup).

Jacquard Knit

Jacquard knit Sweater machine is so hasty, give back much output. Moreover, can knit any complex design & pattern. Now a days, most of the factory use Jacquard machine like 'Tiger Brand' made by Germany & China. (Jacquard Knit Factory Setup).


Pullover, Cardigan, Poncho, Vest, Top, Scarf for Kids, Women & Men.

Choosing Yarns

Picking the compatible yarn is the exigent part of choosing a sweater. Natural yarn are much better than synthetic element in-terms of looks, feels, longevity. A sweater with natural fiber is expensive but serve up goodly.

Locally available Yarns

Locally available diverse quality, types & varied composition of Cotton, Acrylic, Rayon & Wool in blend & plaited yarns (Sweater Yarn List). As per buyers demand, a wide range of fancy & Eco-friendly yarns imports from abroad. (Import Yarn List).


Flat knit and Jacquard knit Sweater production are available 1.5gg/3gg to 14gg in most of factories.

Design & Pattern

Can knit all types of fully fashioned Jacquard & Intarsia. Likewise, Jersey Stitch, Rib Stitch, Cable Stitch, Shaker Stitch, Milano Stitch, Pineapple Stitch, Diamond Stitch etc. Furthermore, many other Sweater kitting stitches. (Different Knitting Stitches).

Production lead time

60-70 days by use of local yarn and 120 days by use of import yarn.


To get the best known buyers order, factories function-ate & approved by internationally accredited compliance like BSCI & SEDEX & Certified by WRAP & ISO.